First Shrimp shop in Singapore located at 477 Tampines St 43, CRS HAVEN is a boutique aquarium shop specializing in Crystal Red Shrimps (CRS).

We offer a comprehensive range of shrimps, including various grades of CRS shrimps for the enthusiasts who look for nothing but the best. We also provide customized aquarium services, specializing in unusual and creative nano tank set ups.

For those looking for something hassle free, choose from a wide selection of WonderShrimp eco-systems which are self-sustaining units.

Shrimps are our passion and we take pride in giving our customers a new concept shrimp shopping in comfort at our conducive setup.

Browse in an inviting and friendly atmosphere to discover a new-found passion !

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Block 477 Tampines Street 43
Singapore 520477
Operating Hours: 12PM - 8PM (Closed on Tuesday)
Tel: 67833901

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